What's the driving car to be the most handsome person in the movie?

ring  look smart in a movie? Speed,
in the movie the manufacturing thrills,
and posing cool shots,
there always be a car,
directors are always willing to seize opportunities for driving a car are stunning screen.
the 007 series of black day crisis,
has remote controls,
GPS screens,
ground to air rockets and other equipment.
As the BMW roadster in extremely great role,
whether in the workplace or in love,
equal to anything Z8 is Bonds right-hand man.
In the Black Sun crisis,
Z8 and Pierce Brosnan together become elegant and classic play taxi in Sami Nasailisuo as taxi drivers are also popular,
this crazy character can make the police get confused and disoriented in Marseille City,
also a terrorist plot foiled in Champs Elysees street parade.
Rely on a God,
to the super taxi.
Sami Naceri in Marseille as a crazy taxi driver,
taxi to rogue street chase finally played the Petals drop and waters flow.
landed in Paris Champs Elysees street.
in all posing cool mov

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