Sorry, I never forgive those who are late

ring so angry to hear so late? Look at what this article says.
Of course,
the best way to deal with people who are used to being late is to turn around and leave.
In this case,
he will definitely keep the appointment next time.
I do not know if you are late for love,
but also love to find reasons for late.
I have so many people around me,
and every excuse for being late makes me nervous.
In mind,
ten thousand Alpaca roared past: although this is the monkey year,
but you can not treat me as a monkey!.
The change of tomorrow is the year of the pig,
I am not even with you into a pig,
groan and moan,
endless? Lateness is often divided into N cases.
I cant stand is about when you can scarcely wait,
just to let you wait until the end of the world.
Who can tell me,
what is the structure of their brain circuits,
can let me guess at the beginning,
could not guess the outcome.
I reflect on myself as a punctual person.
when a friend asks me,
the beginning and the end are sure to say: you

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