SARFT new regulations to shoot TV drama need to explain ideological content

ring fficial website of the press and Publication Administration of radio and television was informed that SARFT today issued a notice requiring television shooting must explain the ideological content.
The following is the full text of the notice: SARFT requirements,
TV drama should always put social benefits in the first place,
and consciously enhance the ideological value and cultural content of the work.
From the date of this notice,
the declaration of the 1500-2000 character synopsis of the production and record of the teleplay must be summarized in terms of the ideological content.
In addition,
the notice also said that the production of television drama record publicity stage no longer accept the name change request.
SARFT said that the record publicity audit is a serious drama production management,
after the record audit publicity drama name,
should not be arbitrarily changed.
In order to promote the creative attitude of the production organization and strengthen the consciousness of putting

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