Next Monday to big rebound, the Commission clarified bad rumors

ring title below the financial reporter circle about us,
welcome to the top public no.
! The source of the stock market | compass (caijing010),
the author | South brother,
financial reporter circle columnist,
stock analysts,
thank you! Today the market fell down,
closing is still in shock,
average 5 days of repression,
beware of falling relay forming,
the weak pattern will continue.
Next Monday recommendations: continue to focus on the 5 day moving average gains and losses,
if the market can effectively stand,
Qingcang investors may be appropriate to do Masukura rebound; if the 5 day moving average is still not to continue to play.
Energy can not do,
the lack of soul plate,
washed down as early as todays early opening,
the market showed strong pull up,
volume significantly enlarged than the chain.
From the disk,
in early trading,
lithium batteries,
quantum communications,
rare earth colored,
disperse dyes,
liquor and other plates across the board strong.
But on the surface seems to

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