My name, the wisdom of the Chinese why won the world

ring  is circulating such a joke,
saying that Zheng Guofan is reading at home,
a short article,
read a number of articles,
but also can not recite.
A thief wanted to steal after he fell asleep.
But left,
and so on,
just dont see him sleep.
The thief couldnt stand it.
He jumped out and shouted,
what kind of book does this stupid head read?! This joke is not the hole laifeng.
Zengs family was not gifted.
Zheng Guofans father,
who was famous for his stupid book,
passed seventeen tests in his life,
until he was forty-three years old.
Zheng Guofan is like,
but on the other hand,
Zheng Guofan is a very smart man.
He was a brilliant strategist and strategist.
From the Taiping army,
the whole country was at a loss what to do.
He is the only way to solitude,
Superman insight founded hunan.
From emperor to the minister or anxious,
or despair,
headless flies,
have no plan on the occasion,
Zheng Guofan proposed above,
taking the construction of Ling potential pacify military strategy,
namely for

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