8 characters must be destroyed

ring less wine is to enjoy,
drink more to endure,
but also feel uncomfortable.
small touch is happy,
big touch is trouble,
often touch is a burden.
wealth is wealth,
wealth is a burden,
and a great crime.
gas is petty temper,
the atmosphere is often angry,
angry will die.
blessed to enjoy,
big heart is not quiet,
and then set great misfortune.
eating bad health,
eat more sleeping beds.
dont wait for the other people dont hurt should not hurt the heart dont fall off the tears alone should not say goodbye love should not love a person can not open,
on the back.
Cant put it down,
just remember.
Loathe to bear,
Wait one day.
Not move back,
look not remember,
let go stay,
we are willing to 8 simple words,
write it too far! Save it for yourself and show it to your friends.
Everyone will be very enlightening! To the popular recommendation: [1] to see what is your past life,
extremely accurately

What's the driving car to be the most handsome person in the movie?

ring  look smart in a movie? Speed,
in the movie the manufacturing thrills,
and posing cool shots,
there always be a car,
directors are always willing to seize opportunities for driving a car are stunning screen.
the 007 series of black day crisis,
has remote controls,
GPS screens,
ground to air rockets and other equipment.
As the BMW roadster in extremely great role,
whether in the workplace or in love,
equal to anything Z8 is Bonds right-hand man.
In the Black Sun crisis,
Z8 and Pierce Brosnan together become elegant and classic play taxi in Sami Nasailisuo as taxi drivers are also popular,
this crazy character can make the police get confused and disoriented in Marseille City,
also a terrorist plot foiled in Champs Elysees street parade.
Rely on a God,
to the super taxi.
Sami Naceri in Marseille as a crazy taxi driver,
taxi to rogue street chase finally played the Petals drop and waters flow.
landed in Paris Champs Elysees street.
in all posing cool mov

Sorry, I never forgive those who are late

ring so angry to hear so late? Look at what this article says.
Of course,
the best way to deal with people who are used to being late is to turn around and leave.
In this case,
he will definitely keep the appointment next time.
I do not know if you are late for love,
but also love to find reasons for late.
I have so many people around me,
and every excuse for being late makes me nervous.
In mind,
ten thousand Alpaca roared past: although this is the monkey year,
but you can not treat me as a monkey!.
The change of tomorrow is the year of the pig,
I am not even with you into a pig,
groan and moan,
endless? Lateness is often divided into N cases.
I cant stand is about when you can scarcely wait,
just to let you wait until the end of the world.
Who can tell me,
what is the structure of their brain circuits,
can let me guess at the beginning,
could not guess the outcome.
I reflect on myself as a punctual person.
when a friend asks me,
the beginning and the end are sure to say: you

SARFT new regulations to shoot TV drama need to explain ideological content

ring fficial website of the press and Publication Administration of radio and television was informed that SARFT today issued a notice requiring television shooting must explain the ideological content.
The following is the full text of the notice: SARFT requirements,
TV drama should always put social benefits in the first place,
and consciously enhance the ideological value and cultural content of the work.
From the date of this notice,
the declaration of the 1500-2000 character synopsis of the production and record of the teleplay must be summarized in terms of the ideological content.
In addition,
the notice also said that the production of television drama record publicity stage no longer accept the name change request.
SARFT said that the record publicity audit is a serious drama production management,
after the record audit publicity drama name,
should not be arbitrarily changed.
In order to promote the creative attitude of the production organization and strengthen the consciousness of putting

My name, the wisdom of the Chinese why won the world

ring  is circulating such a joke,
saying that Zheng Guofan is reading at home,
a short article,
read a number of articles,
but also can not recite.
A thief wanted to steal after he fell asleep.
But left,
and so on,
just dont see him sleep.
The thief couldnt stand it.
He jumped out and shouted,
what kind of book does this stupid head read?! This joke is not the hole laifeng.
Zengs family was not gifted.
Zheng Guofans father,
who was famous for his stupid book,
passed seventeen tests in his life,
until he was forty-three years old.
Zheng Guofan is like,
but on the other hand,
Zheng Guofan is a very smart man.
He was a brilliant strategist and strategist.
From the Taiping army,
the whole country was at a loss what to do.
He is the only way to solitude,
Superman insight founded hunan.
From emperor to the minister or anxious,
or despair,
headless flies,
have no plan on the occasion,
Zheng Guofan proposed above,
taking the construction of Ling potential pacify military strategy,
namely for

Next Monday to big rebound, the Commission clarified bad rumors

ring title below the financial reporter circle about us,
welcome to the top public no.
! The source of the stock market | compass (caijing010),
the author | South brother,
financial reporter circle columnist,
stock analysts,
thank you! Today the market fell down,
closing is still in shock,
average 5 days of repression,
beware of falling relay forming,
the weak pattern will continue.
Next Monday recommendations: continue to focus on the 5 day moving average gains and losses,
if the market can effectively stand,
Qingcang investors may be appropriate to do Masukura rebound; if the 5 day moving average is still not to continue to play.
Energy can not do,
the lack of soul plate,
washed down as early as todays early opening,
the market showed strong pull up,
volume significantly enlarged than the chain.
From the disk,
in early trading,
lithium batteries,
quantum communications,
rare earth colored,
disperse dyes,
liquor and other plates across the board strong.
But on the surface seems to

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